Our years of experience in advising on litigation and insolvency-related matters allows us to provide commercial advice designed to withstand the worst-case scenario.  We don’t provide standard agreements but seek to understand your business with all its attendant risks and prepare a commercial solution that gives you a strong foundation for your business or transaction.

Our services in this field include:

  • Preparing terms and conditions, lease agreements employment agreements, restraints of trade privacy policies and related agreements
  • Drafting of trusts
  • Tax advice
  • Commercial transactions and legal risk management
  • Drafting of wills
  • Drafting of company documentation including Memoranda of Incorporation and shareholders’ agreements

As experts in this field we do more than just go through the motions of a legal process.  We understand that business is a risk and that when things go wrong you need quick and practical advice.

Our services in this field include:

  • Advising businesses and creditors on insolvency, business rescue and turnaround
  • Drafting proof of claims for creditors of companies in liquidation
  • Advising clients of the nature, process and effects of insolvency and business rescue
  • Settling of disputes and dealing with objections to liquidation and distribution accounts
  • Applications for liquidation, sequestration or business rescue
  • Rehabilitation of insolvents
  • Running of inquiries for liquidators

When assisting a client embroiled in a dispute, we engineer an approach to dispute resolution that makes sense to your business, taking into consideration your short and long term goals.

Our services in this field include:

  • High Court litigation
  • Disputes between parties within a commercial or business context
  • Restraints of trade
  • Commercial property and lease disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Tax litigation
  • Eviction applications
  • Applications for curators ad litem

Having specialised in insolvency law for 15 years, we at Robyn Hey Attorneys are finely calibrated towards being able to spot the legal gaps that make businesses vulnerable. Our clients work hard for their businesses, we provide them with game-changing legal solutions, helping them protect what they have built.

Robyn Hey

Robyn has more than 12 years’ experience as a commercial litigator, focusing on insolvency-related work. Her expertise in this area was first forged at the prominent law firm, ENS, where she specialised in insolvency, business rescue and debt recovery. Now as the director of Robyn Hey Attorneys, Robyn offers clients expertise in this field but with the added benefits of personal service, quick turnaround times and cost effectiveness.

Through understanding the strategic, financial and legal implications of distressed businesses, Robyn enjoys advising clients on how to avoid the fallout from a liquidation and provides risk assessments to all types of businesses. She has recognised that business owners need specialist advice in structuring both their personal affairs and tax matters to ensure that their assets are protected and that wealth is built up tax efficiently. Where necessary, Robyn will draw from the expertise of other professionals, outside of law, to ensure that clients receive multifaceted advice.

Future-proofing her clients’ businesses is both a passion and a priority. Clients are drawn to Robyn’s approachability, her no-nonsense approach and above all, her unwavering commitment to their individual businesses.

Lee Marcus

Head of Employment Law & Dispute Resolution

Lee Marcus completed his law degree in 1998 and continued on to progress through the ranks of management, steering teams of senior managers, and evolving company cultures to include both technology-focused and client-focused values.

Lee ran his own labour relations consulting and training business before entering the field of adult education, training and development. After 13 years in corporate, Lee formed his own legal practice in 2013. Consulting for RHA on various matters, we couldn’t resist, and we convinced him to join us in-house in September 2018.

Lee blends his skills in business and management, with his understanding of people and the practice of law to help clients identify, understand and resolve workplace and employment challenges. His wealth of knowledge from his vast experience in business and law, is combined uniquely – and it packs a powerful punch!

Lee’s talents extend well past the realm of law. If you are driving past the open doors of a venue in a certain suburb on occasion, you may glimpse the sight of Lee wielding some nifty dance moves at his local line dancing classes.

Dylan Viljoen

Senior Candidate Attorney

Dylan completed his LLB at the University of the Free-State in 2016 and joined Robyn Hey Attorneys in January of 2017 as a candidate attorney. He is currently completing his two years articles and will be admitted as an attorney of the High Court in early 2019.

Dylan has been key in running our commercial litigation and insolvency matters with a wealth of experience in High Court procedure. He is adept at legal research and offers our clients sound advice, guiding them through difficult legal processes and ensuring that they are always well informed on their matters. Dylan aligns with our team focus on ensuring our clients’ interests are protected, safeguarding their business so that they can grow from strength to strength.

Dylan’s personable nature and client-centric attitude has been a great addition at Robyn Hey Attorneys and has been an asset in building relationships with clients and furthering our firms’ legal offerings. Dylan brings energy and enthusiasm to our team with his can-do outlook, and his team-player approach.

Jamie Smith

Associate Attorney

Jamie is an admitted attorney of the High Court and an associate at Robyn Hey Attorneys. He joined the practice as a candidate attorney, and was appointed as an associate in 2018.

Jamie has worked extensively on our clients’ litigation matters and has a keen interest in the drafting of legal pleadings. As a firm specialising in corporate and commercial law, he has worked broadly on the firm’s commercial projects including start-ups, mergers and company transactions.

Jamie enjoys the strategy of both litigation and future-proofing a client’s business, looking at sustainable long-term solutions for clients’ needs. His interests in both current affairs and future technologies are brought into the workplace via implementation of dynamic systems and processes, benefiting the client through relevant and progressive legal work. Jamie graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor of Science in 2012 and with a Bachelor of Laws in 2016. His background and expertise has perfectly complemented our innovation-driven team.

Jamie combines his precise nature and attention to detail with wise counsel for our clients, adding strength to our team, with a healthy dose of humour.

Tanja Glatz

Associate Attorney

Tanja joined Robyn Hey Attorneys as an associate attorney in October 2018, where her focus lies in general and civil litigation, commercial and criminal law. Tanja completed her BA-LLB and post-graduate LLB at Stellenbosch University and was admitted as an attorney in the High Court in 2011.

Tanja loves the chase of an urgent matter, and thoroughly enjoys court appearances. She is driven and dedicated to helping people. Utilising her straight forward approach to resolving problems, she provides her clients with considered advice, allowing for swift, effective, and practical outcomes that best suit the complexities of the matter. Tanja values forging solid relationships with clients, allowing for a safe space to navigate the matter at hand, viewing it in the context of the client’s overall needs, lifestyle and circumstances.

Whilst Tanja is skilled at all she puts her mind to, her work on criminal matters is specifically exceptional. Tanja runs as fast as she can speak German – with an avid love for pounding out the kilometres every day, she is the fitness guru and attorney that you want when chasing criminal matters. Make sure you have this fireball on speed dial the next time the law comes knocking!

Duwayne Christians

Legal Support Services

Duwayne is our legal support services professional. Joining the team in 2017, he has proved his worth many times over, adding value to our team with all that he does. On any given day you will find Duwayne attending at court or the deeds office. No matter how urgently documents need to be delivered, the attorneys have peace of mind knowing that Duwayne is supporting them by ensuring that his tasks are completed timeously and professionally.

When not on the road, he can be found providing the team with efficient IT support and document management. Duwayne tackles all of his tasks with focus and determination, providing our team with the support they need in order for them to be effective.

Duwayne is ambitious and is always learning and growing in his skillsets. He is currently furthering his education in addition to working full time.

Duwayne’s love of cars extends past our couriering requirements, and into the weekends, where Duwayne works alongside his father, carefully and thoroughly fixing cars into perfect working order, adding power and gleaming body work!

Janine Genthe


Janine is our trusted and meticulous bookkeeper, her attention to detail and calm nature bring stability to our accounting department and team.

Janine is a match made in heaven for us. After studying to be a para-legal, she started out as a legal secretary in London and now has over 12 years experience working in law firms. This extensive background results in a solid legal knowledge and professional manner. Combining this with her gentle and kind disposition, Janine is a joy to the team, bringing calm and order to all that she does. Janine focuses her efforts on the bookkeeping side of our business, ensuring the smooth running of our accounts, and allowing the attorneys to do what they do best. At RHA, we pride ourselves on the dynamic and multi-talented nature of our team. Janine is no exception. Using our online systems and processes, Janine efficiently works remotely for 60% of her time, carrying out her tasks seamlessly for us.

As well as being a gem in our team, she is also a superhero mom, and runs her own small enterprise. We only hire the best!

Joanna Reypert

Head of Operations

Every business needs someone keeping their finger on the pulse of the firm, and Joanna Reypert complements Robyn Hey Attorneys in this way like no other. As our Head of Operations, her background in marketing and design offers a perfect blend of creative and organised. Being process-driven, her modus operandi is to first analyse then conceptualise, discerning optimal streamlined functionality for maximum productivity.

Joanna is an impeccably professional, multitalented people’s person with extensive experience in the fast-paced world of small business growth. The diverse skillset which Joanna has neatly tucked under her belt enables her to integrate both connection and communication with creativity, resulting in a perfect ensemble. Project management, art direction, graphic design, brand development, content and digital marketing, strategy, and social media savvy are but a few of the many talents which Joanna brings to the table.

Joanna is the stillness in the stress, the time-out in the turmoil, creating order from chaos and streamlining solutions with her exceptional organising skills. A valuable asset to Robyn Hey Attorneys, Joanna helps us to future proof our business while we help our clients do the same for theirs.

Jarryd Pillay

Commercial Consultant

Jarryd Pillay was admitted as an attorney in 2017. In 2018, the travel bug bit and Jarryd left South Africa to spend time working and travelling in South East Asia. Using Robyn Hey Attorneys’ efficient online tools and resources, he now consults to the firm as a commercial attorney. This allows him to combine his love for practice with his passion for travelling. Having worked at Robyn Hey Attorneys in commercial practice, he is perfectly placed to provide excellent support to the team.

Jarryd enjoys being part of Robyn Hey Attorneys because of the strong emphasis on relationship building. He finds it rewarding to be part of a team that believes in the empowerment of a client through the provision of practical legal advice that addresses their business concerns and allows business owners to reach their most ambitious goals.

In addition to his love of travelling, Jarryd is an avid Arsenal fan and watching his team score in the last minute gives him the burst of adrenaline that all attorneys enjoy.

Reva Watson

Conveyancing Consultant

Reva Watson is our trusted independent professional conveyancer with over 14 years’ experience under her belt. Following her graduation from Rhodes, she took off for London – and so did her legal career – where she worked with top-tier law firm, Linklaters. Upon returning to Cape Town, she gained extensive experience working with a number of established firms in the Property Law arena, including STBB. Reva is currently the Director of Watson Attorneys (established 2012) and our ‘go-to’ consultant for all property related matters.

Whether buying or selling a house, transferring a property, registering or securing land rights, Reva speaks in a language her clients understand and her prowess is complimented by a personal touch. She treats each client with individual care, ensuring they feel involved, and are kept updated, providing approachability and accessibility with efficient communication.

Reva Watson is well known for her professionalism, her responsiveness and for always going beyond the call of duty. Her calm composure is a breath of fresh air as she assists her clients navigate through legal processes, minimalising any confusion or stress for them. We know our clients are in good hands with Reva!

I have been fortunate to work alongside Robyn Hey of Robyn Hey Attorneys for some time and I have to say that it has been an absolute pleasure. Having worked on various projects/clients together I have found the process to be completely seamless, between the dynamic PR aspects of a campaign and the extensive legal work that has been done. As a company we focus on managing our client’s reputation and building their credibility, and this often involves much legal work. Robyn and her dedicated and professional team have facilitated such processes exceptionally well, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone who requires legal assistance.

Rob BairdDirector — PR Lab

“I have been working with Robyn for more than two years on various insolvency-related matters. Robyn and her team are experts in their field and are able to offer innovate and thorough advice on all manner of insolvency-related legal matters. Her turnaround time is excellent as is her focus on ensuring returns for creditors. Robyn is able to think out of the box and provide solutions that make commercial sense.”

Thomas van ZylMazars Recoveries and Reconstructing

“Robyn has assisted me with various litigation matters of the last few years ranging from labour matters to debt recovery. Robyn’s attention to detail and her commitment to her clients makes her stand out from other lawyers. Robyn is able to make the tough calls in difficult situations and offers calm and pragmatic advice no matter how heated the circumstances. I recommend Robyn and her team to anyone a litigator who understands the commercial realities of business.”

Peter RuthenbergOwner of Top Carpets Constantia